Pompom issue 34  2020 秋(英文)
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Pompom issue 34  2020 秋(英文)


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pom pom issue 34  2020 秋号   英文です イギリスの素敵な編みもの本です。 オーシャンローズさんをゲスト編集者に迎えてのテーマは Home 美しい自然の手染め糸で知られる彼女と共に今回PomPomは どんな号にしたかったのでしょうか? ナチュラルな糸を使ったシンプルなパターンの他に、秋冬らしい編み込み のセーターやカウルが登場しています。 またブラックライブズマターについても、考えていきます。 編み物のパターンはこちらでも見られます https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/pom-pom-quarterly-issue-34-autumn-2020/patterns 今回も人気デザイナーの素敵なパターンがたくさん ラベリーのダウンロードコードもついて2倍お得です。 This autumn issue of Pom Pom sees our collaboration with the multidisciplinary artist Ocean Rose. Their theme of ‘Home’ makes for a dreamy collection of cosy autumnal knits, evoking the places that bring connection and comfort. This inspiration was chosen long before our current situation of sheltering in place, and has brought about the unique challenge of our models capturing this quarter’s beautiful knits with micro-shoots in their abodes. Ocean, known for their naturally hand-dyed yarns, has brought their poetic voice, palette, thoughtfulness and sensitivity to these pages. Our designers have conjured their own interpretations of home with pieces that create a sense of warmth, not just against autumn chills, with references to traditional patterns and their bonds to special places. Featuring designs by: SYLVIA WATTS-CHERRY // AURÉLIE TIXIER // TRESSA WEIDENAAR // ARMENUHI AVANIAN // MALIA MAE JOSEPH // AUDREY BORREGO // A L LEONG // ISABEL ALÉ // TIFFANY WONG // WEICHIEN CHAN, THEPETITEKNITTER Alongside the patterns we have articles from Sukrita Mahon sharing their wisdom on choosing yarns, and Elliot Maud on self expression and belonging in the fibre community. Cat Seixas shares her recipe for a no-bake cheesecake, an easy dish which is the ideal excuse to find the occasion to celebrate. For makers, mending seems to go hand-in-hand and Maya Skylark provides a tutorial for a pocket sized tool kit that you can keep close to home. We acknowledge the privilege reflected in these pages that show the warmth and happiness of home. We hope this issue can speak to a deeper sense of safety and belonging than just the place you rest your head. As Ocean puts it, ‘Home is where you are, where your energy rests, home changes, and transforms. Home is our connection to all we hold sacred. Home is…’